ITCL, Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León


The Castilla-Leon Institute of Technology (ITCL) is a private non-profit foundation, established in 1989 whose objective is to contribute to the economic and social development of the region by supporting, fomenting and facilitating the use of technology as a competitive tool for business, with a commitment to integration in the science-technology-business system.

As such, ITCL develops the necessary strategies to achieve the right spreading and running of the results from its R&D activity, making knowledge transference easier to SMEs, especially to the SME’s of Castilla-León.

ITCL forms a part of the network of Technological Centres of the Government of Castilla-León, and constitutes therefore a model at a regional and national level in the field of technology and the development of R&D, having as fundamental values: client orientation, a nature of innovation, technology watch, efficiency and effectiveness, and added value for the client.


Develop R+D+I heading to introduce innovative technological or non-technological solutions in the production processes for SMEs and other organizations, through Management excellence in any of the actions.