The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) is a public entity of the Valencian government attached to the Regional Department of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment.

The aims of the Institute are managing industrial policy of the Government and business support for innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalization and attracting investment and promoting technological clusters, industrial safety products and industrial facilities, metrology, vehicles and businesses and promoting savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, as well as the management of the regional government’s energy policy.

The Business Competitiveness Valencian Institute’s objectives:

  • To promote and foster business competitiveness, sustainable development and adaptation of Valencian companies to market requirements, facilitating the implementation of the R & D + I.
  • To enhance the reorganization, restructuring and modernization of small and medium enterprises, as well as facilitating their creation and implementation, with particular attention to technological development, innovation, internationalization and marketing.
  • To encourage and support cooperative joint actions, concentration or merger among small and medium enterprises that foster improved business competitiveness of Valencia.
  • To promote, encourage and provide services that contribute to the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises of Valencia and its internationalization.
  • To promote and ensure industrial safety products and industrial facilities and metrology, promoting administrative cooperation.
  • To run management and energy planning in the area of the Valencian region, according to the general guidelines of the Counsel, in coordination with the various authorities and as part of the common energy policy of the European Union.
  • To attract, promote and maintain the investment, both domestic and foreign, in the Valencian Community.