LYNCEUS – People localization for safe ship evacuation during emergency

Objectives the Argonauts participating in the hunt of the Calydonian Boar. He had preternaturally keen sight, and could even see things that were under the sea – exactly what we want to offer to our present days’ Argonauts – KEEN SIGHT – so that they can ensure the safety of the passengers in emergencies irrespective of where they will be located onboard the ship or in the sea.


The aim of the LYNCEUS project is to develop a distributed wireless sensor network system that will enable the ship safety officer and team to monitor the location of each passenger for safe evacuation, to monitor in real time the status and spread of the emergency (flood, fire etc) and also provide the engineers with vital information for proper maintenance and optimization of the ship operation procedures.


lynceus2 lynceus3The LYNCEUS project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities, Research for SME associations / groupings) managed by REA – Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 286148.