Po.in.tex is the Textile Innovation Cluster of Piemonte region in Italy.

It is an association of textile companies and research centers currently composed by 67 members, 58% of which are small enterprises, 20% medium enterprises and 22% large enterprises.

Po.in.tex involves actors of the entire textile value chain including spinning, weaving, finishing, production machinery, apparel, furniture, technical and diversified textiles, representing a total workforce of 17.000 persons.

The mission of Po.in.tex is to promote cooperative research and facilitate technology transfer and knowledge exchange among enterprises and among centres of excellence and enterprises, with a particular focus on SMEs.

Its action is aimed at launching projects of industrial innovation to be supported by public funding where different complementary companies cooperate for a common objective.

The starting point is constituted by the needs of the companies in relation to their competitive positioning and development plans.


For more information : http://www.pointex.eu/en