Demonstrative solution to eradicate the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, preventing it to reach the risk facilities, facilities that may generate aerosols or more specifically water mass transfer in a stream of air, in which Legionella proliferates rapidly due to the ideal conditions of humidity and temperature.


Proposal for a European level legal regulation, for which the government of each country can develop its specific laws for the above problem.
Set up both effectiveness and technical viability, as well as economic and environmental improvements of such a treatment.



The results obtained in the experiences made with tank water recirculation reproduce previous results on a laboratory scale and semi-industrial. Legionella bacteria disappear from the tank containing well water, as a result of treatment, after 8-9 hours.


To treat water from the raft in recirculation, initially we started from a greater concentration of Legionella cells. However the treatment is capable of removing these cells after 6 hours of operation.


With the treatment, the amount of cells is always maintained below 600 cells/L. The continuous treatment of water from the raft controls and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, although they have a constant natural contamination that comes from its own water.


After 10 hours of treatment, the water does not contain any kind of Legionella contamination.


LINK: http://lifelegionela.aitex.es