Our goals

The aim of TEXTILE2020 is to bring together the main Advanced Textile Materials clusters from Europe with a view to develop and implement a long-term joint international strategy that contributes to securing, strengthening and extending their competitiveness at the international level.

This internationalization of clusters,  and of their SMEs in particular, aims to address new markets through successful interclustering, business and technology partnerships.

Who we are

-          TEXTILE2020 is the largest Advanced Technical Textile cluster in the world.

-          TEXTILE2020 brings together eight of the most important Advanced Technical Textile clusters from European countries such as France, Spain, Germany, UK, Italy and Czech Republic.

-          TEXTILE2020 represents more than 900 organizations of the Advanced Technical Textile sector including universities, research labs, technical centers, SMEs, large companies, etc.

-          TEXTILE2020 covers the whole value chain of the Advanced Technical Textile sector, from design to manufacturing and from fibers to end products.

-          TEXTILE2020 has the right critical mass to boost R&D projects and innovative activities.

We offer

-          The first European network of Advanced Technical Textile clusters

-          Contacts with other Advanced Technical Textile clusters from all over the world

-          Business opportunities and access to new markets through actions in target countries such as Brazil, Tunisia, Canada, Japan…

-          Research, development and innovation projects

-          Strategic technology transfer partnerships resulting from official trips and participation to international fairs

-          Communication and visibility through an office in Brussels

Link: http://textile2020.eu/